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Unfortunately, most people have never been taught how exquisitely our bodies are designed to do the basic movements of everyday life: reaching, standing, bending, sitting, walking, lifting, etc.  Thus we often ask our bodies to function in ways that we are simply not designed to handle - resulting in pain, injury, and degeneration. The LIVING IN A BODYTM workshop is open to anyone whois interested in understanding the functional design of the body.  

LIABTM offers a simple, clear, and fun exploration of the basic mechanics of human movement and support. You will learn the common misconceptions about the how the body is designed for movement and access tools to understand and effectively change your own patterns of (mis)use.   The workshop incorporates basic games of sensory awareness, somatic re-education, and metaphor to illustrate and feel how your body is designed to move with ease and grace, transforming tension and chronic pain into lightness, balance and fluidity.   When you change your own understanding and habitual patterns of use, you not only change your way of going, but also the way of going of your horse!!   NOTE: This workshop is open to all! (not just riders!)

The LIVING IN A BODYTM workshop has been slowly crafted by Robyn Avalon over 30 years of studying, teaching, and training others in the work of F. M. Alexander and the principles of Body Mapping.  She has developed a practical and easy way to help people truly understand and embody the architecture and efficiency of our design.


For Workshop Information, please see the LIAB .pdf on the Documents page. 

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